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Kalagruham aims……..


                At the cultural and artistic growth of an individual and this is the reason why  the stands opened to all,who have been  identified with their innate talents and for whome we endeavorer to mould up through the experts in the respective fields of classical music, dance both cinematic and classical, instrumental,drowing and painting  besides that other traditional art.

Kalagruham is located in Aluva-Munnar route just 5 kms away from Kothamangalam, at Fr. Abel Nagar ,Nellimattom- a village, the scenic beauty with serenity in personified, besides the greenery and calmness, the location aims to pave the way for the rural inhabitance to nurture their artistic talents, when the relaxed village ambience will stand them good stead all through out.The most importantly another focusing we uphold is grooming the students for competition in all art forms very exhaustively.Intrestingly Kalagruham’s schedules are programmed such that student;s academic intrestin least interfered, on the contrary,close it only complement their curriculum.




SOBY GEORGE- The man behind kalagruham,was born to Late Khora George and mrs Chinnamma George Kakkanattu  family in Nellimattom.He has been kick-started his artistic career through his parish church choir,after learning Tabala from the vetrran Tabalist Mr. babu Uriliyanikkal.It was late Fr. Joseph Kakkuzhy and the teacher one nun Sr. Payus SD,who had inspired .For Soby it was the turning point in his life at his 14 years,when he started associating with Fr.Abel of Kalabhavan Kochi.Like a shadow doesn’t leave its object, Soby had been a stalwarte supporter of Fr. Abel until died in 2001.hence forth, Soby has been shouldering the responsibility through and through.His involvement with Kalabhavan as their Director Board Member,Life Member,Recordist,sound engineer, programme manager,programme director and remarkably enough,20 years of undisputed exposure as a co- ordinator for Ganamel- Mimix group have given him enough courage to start of KALAGRUHAM.

         It’s ought to mention like of his vast experience with lot of artists in various part of India,besides more than in 40 countries all over the world.Outstandingly enough , he has to his credit the sound he countrolled  many Malayalam film songs,much more than 3000 audio cassettes besides 5000 thousands of  various other platform as well. This experiences Soby had in llife will defnitly be a breskthrough in moulding up KALAGRUHAM to the crescendo which will help the rural inhabitance to enjoy its benefits,perhaps equally with rather more than the others in urban or sub-urbans



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